The Lewes Repertory Theatre was the first repertory theatre to be established in the UK in a 100 years.  The old repertory theatres have largely been forgotten and in England there are only about 35 producing theatres.  Most of these will only receive and stage shows as part of a tour, but a few theatres produce their own, unique shows and Lewes Rep was one of them until a fire raised its premises to the ground in March 2014.

Founder Sean O’Kane is now trying to resurrect the company through the development of an unused building in the heart of Lewes – the old Magistrates Court:

“The main thing is to keep the momentum going.  There was a fantastic amount of community spirit attached to the theatre  and the work that was being done there.

Turning this disaster into a fresh beginning is now a distinct possibility.  Please read more and join our on-line petition to save the Lewes Repertory Theatre…

Sean O’Kane

omnia amor vincit