S.J. O'Kane
S.J. O'Kane

Quoted from Spotlight

” Sean O’Kane grew up in Hackney, London and from an early age went to the Curtain Theatre School in Commercial Road. After working at Bristol Old Vic he studied English and Drama at Exeter University and the Northcott Theatre. He went on to train at Ecole Lecoq (Paris), and at the Bouffes du Nord under Peter Brook. He had minor parts in “Timon of Athens” and ‘Les Iks”. He supported himself during his studies by working as a trainee director (stagiére mettéur en scéne) at the Paris Opera, the first non-French national ever to do so. The next nine years were spent touring worldwide with Compagnie Carolyn Carlsen and Théatre National Francais. Notably, he directed Ben Jonson’s “Volpone”, performed by the Compagnie des Cevennes, at the Avignon and Aigues-Mortes theatre festivals (France).

Becket'sAfter moving to California he spent two years with Eureka Theatre (San Francisco.) O’Kane was then invited to join National Touring Theatre of Japan – Shusaku Dormu – at its European base in den Hague, Netherlands; four years of touring followed. He performed at the Venice Biennale in the French Pavilion. He then worked in seperate productions in Brussels, Cologne, Paris and he has lived in Lewes since 2000. Finally recovering from a serious abdominal disease in 2004, he acted in various productions and researched what was to become the repertoire for founding Lewes Rep Theatre in 2005.”

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