1. Tom Paine – in 2009 we wrote and performed “Paine’s Progress” as part of the festival, in Lewes, marking a significant anniversary in the life and death of this extraordinary thinker whose work had a profound impact on the American War of Independence, the French Revolution, Wilberforce’s Anti-Slavery Coalition and the Russian Revolution.

LRT is currently working on a development of “Paine’s Progress” –
“Paine’s Further Progress” – working title for 3 – part series
a. Tom Paine in Lewes, 1768 -1774
working title “Reason and Revolution”
current research; relationships – his wife Elizabeth Olive, Clio Rickman, the story behind the publication of ‘Officers of the Excise”
b. Tom Paine in Philadelphia
working title “The Pen and the Sword”
current research – The Library of Congress – recorded meetings with Ben Franklin – his concept of the United States of America as a new continental republic – the sudden impact of Rights of Man – the author as soldier and propagandist for the rebel forces – the overtures of France.
c. Tom Paine in France
working title “Release from the Terror”
current research – Biblioteque Nationale – Paine and Concordcet drafting the new Constitution – Paine and the Directoire – clash with Robespierre – Paine’s efforts at moderation – imprisonment and humiliation in the Luxembourg Prison – the Terror – his release and return to the USA. Broken – died a pauper’s death in New York.

Among various locations under discussion is the original inn that hosted Paine’s debating society.

3. Three Ghost Stories, including one  Charles Dickens possibly to be performed for the Christmas Season.